About Troubadour Tour


Visit Dubrovnik through the eyes of a troubadour. Join him on a time travel through the streets of his town. He knows all of its hidden corners, hallmarks and spots…

During this relaxing walk through the narrow and picturesque streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, your guide will explain why he loves so much the town where he was born and grew up.

You will be able to see various architectural styles from the Pre-Romanesque to Baroque periods, hear details about the strong city walls that had never been knocked through, and learn about the one time and present day Dubrovnik and its brilliant diplomacy which managed to preserve peace and prosperity for many centuries surrounded by great powers that were often in conflict.

This is a story of wisdom, beauty, harmony, love and freedom of the town and its people captured in traditional songs accompanied by sweet sounds of the guitar. Listen to Dubrovnik, smell and savour it… Because what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Let this tour be a souvenir you carry in your heart and share it with your family and friends when you come back home.


- See Dubrovnik’s top attractions (Rector’s Palace, Cathedral, St Blaise’s Church, Sponza Palace, Bell Tower, Old Port of Dubrovnik, St Saviour’s Church, Onofrio Fountain, Franciscan Monastery, Dominican Monastery, St Ignatius Church)

- Visit the town’s hidden corners
- Learn about the rich history of Dubrovnik
- Feel the town listening to traditional songs
- Experience daily life of locals
- Find out practical tips for staying in Dubrovnik

Duration: 2 hours